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About Us

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Financial freedom and spiritual freedom go hand in hand

Welcome to Money and Spirit, a unique platform where spirituality and financial wisdom coexist and complement each other.


Founded by two passionate individuals, Pratap and Gunjan, Money and Spirit is the culmination of their shared love for spirituality and their individual strengths. This platform serves as a reflection of their belief that true prosperity is achieved when spiritual wealth and financial stability are both nurtured.


Pratap is an engineer by profession, a Practicing yogi at heart, and a savvy investor in practice. His journey into the realm of spirituality led him to the practice of yoga and pranayama from his beloved guru (Dr.Swami Antarmukhananda), which he believes are key to maintaining balance in this fast-paced world. Alongside his spiritual pursuits, Pratap developed a strong fascination for the world of finance. He is an ardent follower of Jack Bogle, the pioneer of index investing, and believes in the power of diligent and mindful investing for achieving financial freedom. His insights and knowledge about index funds form a core part of our platform's financial wisdom.


Gunjan, on the other hand, beautifully juggles her roles as a busy working mom and a spiritual guide. She has a deep passion for spirituality and has spent years learning various healing techniques. Her empathetic nature and intuitive abilities make her an effective healer, helping people navigate their life's challenges. She brings to Money and Spirit her profound knowledge of spiritual healing and her practical tips for incorporating spirituality into daily life.


Together, we (Pratap and Gunjan) have created Money and Spirit with the vision of fostering a community that values both spiritual growth and financial empowerment. We believe that achieving financial freedom and maintaining spiritual alignment are not mutually exclusive goals, but rather, two sides of the same coin.


Join us as we explore these twin paths to holistic prosperity.

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